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Market Entry thoughts for Europe

Europe is a large market that should be looked at as a second growth area after the you have got traction in the US market.

Any organization that is looking at Europe needs to take a long view as the sales and decision cycles are much longer that in the US. However European clients can make excellent references and be extremely profitable as long term strategic clients. To look at Europe you need to get past the short revenue/expense view of the world. Organizations that do not get past this view and expect Europe to generate large revenues in the short term, end up attempting to enter the European market two or three times before they have success.

Our market entry service allow you to enter Europe in focused manner with view to gaining those key launch customers and references so you can build a larger bridge head into the market. We work closely with our clients bridging the relationship with the identified target client segment to enhance the opportunity for successful entry into the market.

The successful entry will require many ingredients including a perceived intention by the vendor in the client eyes to make a long term committement to Europe, a professional demeanor and consultative approach to solving their business problems. Our additional contribution will be a combination of leveraging existing relationships that have the potential to encompass our clients offering and using up to date telemarketing lists and techniques to close those initial entry meetings with target suspects in the target sectors. We will then be your team to work through the familiar sales cycle issues and qualifications as you move the funnel along to first revenues with key target companies. There is seldom in Europe a fast track to sales through pressure, unrealistic expectation setting or creative pricing.

We provide what could be called customer intelligence which is a view to the clients  European requirement and the ongoing sales cycle that is more than a sales report with a meaningless data. To effectively build a strong European strategy the organization wishing to enter Europe need first to understand the market needs and then have a closely managed relationship with the prospective customer to understand how a customer “thinks” before the purchase decision is made. How customers think depends on their view of their market position and the future of their industry. This hands on pipeline management or interactive Customer intelligence will help you assess a customer’s strategy and strategic direction as enhance your product offering with what is required  to make it viable in Europe. offering with what is required to make it viable in Europe.


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