sales outsourcing

Sales Outsourcing Services
A solution geared towards new market entry, providing focus on the early stages of the sales cycle such as pipeline generation where a demand for a client's offerings does not yet exist. Our group commits experienced and successful sales resource to a client, providing and managing a pipeline of new business leads and/or existing customer opportunities. Forecasting and prospect management is undertaken according to each client’s needs. Our senior and experienced sales engineers quickly learn the products and ensure that product and client technical issues are addressed swiftly during the sales cycle, leading to a quick and effective sale close by our professional sales staff.
At a glance our methodology is as follows:

  • A SPECIFIC FOCUS on pipeline generation at an early stage started as soon  as possible
  • Professional Sales approach and representation of your product  offering and value propositions with a team that is-:
  • - SKILLED IN all  stages of selling, from cold calling to contract negotiation and closing,  ensuring smooth progression of all opportunities
  • - LONG-TERM EXPERIENCE, a  proven track record in European sales which reduces your risk
  • - TECHNICAL  BACK-UP from experienced senior sales engineers if needed who learn your  products to keep the sales cycles moving
  • Risk Reward model with an agreed to budget of time and costs with a lower  monthly retainer to reflect our partnership approach
  • Based on the large effort and investment time to get you launched we  will work closely with you in the planning stage to clearly map out a plan  including a budget you can afford that will sensibly achieve your revenue and  launch customer acquisition goals.
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