Our fast track to first customer revenue model has evolved through experience starting and participating in the organic growth a number of startup companies. The final engagement model varies with each company and its requirements.

Our process model is focused around your company’s vision and perceived product offering combined with an understanding of your achieved milestones in product, market and client engagement process development.

Deliverables out of this process are key market launch product capabilities, clear value proposition (why a client would purchase your product offering and tangible model ROI for target market.

Stage two is about your “go to market plan” including packaging and necessary marketing tools to achieve the maximum return for the marketing exposure investment that can achieve the best support for sales efforts. The objective to maximize awareness to key market influences, target profile customers and create opportunities leveraging our extensive databases.

Deliverables will be key marketing messages and materials, clarity on sales campaign focus, tailored sales process and content. Prep for next stage of market focused key client and revenue acquisition activities.

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