Our Philosophy

Whatever the original purpose of the advisory work we will always:

Agree in advance a detailed scope of work with agreed objectives, Work closely across the time zones with the organization and product support teams to deliver a professional representation in the market for you as if we were your branch operation in that market.

Provide common sense on what is achievable and prepared to be upfront on what are reasonable time frames to achieve practical new market entry goals to new customer acquistion will be the framework of our working relationship.

It is this framework we feel will be the driving force to early new market revenue and strong sustainable customer referanciblity.

We provide practical hard edged advice and focused pipeline development to help you establish those initial key reference accounts that can be leverage for a larger market entry initiative. We are about risk management and optimization of your investment into you new market entry initiative.

Our intention using state of the art systems to be as transparent as possible to communicate effectively with all the stakeholders in your new market entry initiative.

We implement a risk reward model with the client that shares the risk we have lower monthly fees and a percentage that rewards our

We have a defined framework with the client that clearly defines the services requirement, achievable timetable, mutually agreed execution plan and realist revenue targets that supports transparency through state of the art CRM tools.


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