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As an organization whether you are an early stage company looking to get your product to market or a mid-stage company looking to drive to the next level in revenue growth through entry to new markets, lets talk about your plans and see if we can be of value. In the role as company advisor or within one of our on demand services we rise to challenge. In our mentoring role we will always give honest and experienced opinions on pending business decisions in a time frame that will allow you to make more informed evaluations of opportunities facing the business.

We work in partnership with senior management and the delivery team to drive the sales, product & market strategy and the business development process. Our history with a variety of startup situations allows us to provide pragmatic advice based on our successes and mistakes in the past. We see our company advisor role as providing a sounding board to the challenges facing you although we do not profess to have all the answers and solutions we have been in your shoes. Our on demand services allow us to partner with you to expand your sales efforts with a professional image and with the objective of ensuring your early success in new markets

For early stage companies or new entrants into international markets our on demand services are focused on generating long term sustainable revenue streams from referanceable strategic launch customers so you can successfully launch into new markets.

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